See What People Are Saying

"My parents feel so much more positive, now that they have some inde​pendence back"

Sensory Integration and Adults

Senara occupational therapists are leading the field of Sensory integration (SI) therapy with adults in Cornwall. 

Sensory Integration therapy with the elderly, supports and allows individual's time, space and the opportunity to create their own ideal sensory space,  facilitating them being able to enjoy the environment and its sensory components at their own pace, free from unrealistic expectations of others. 

Sensory integration can help with reducing falls and improve a person’s balance and coordination. 

Mental Health

Addressing barriers to optimal functioning. 

Interventions focus on:

Anxiety reduction

Emotional regualtion 

Enhancing and restoring skills

Creating social and  interest based opportunities

Promoting wellness

Modifying/ adapting the environment

See What People Are Saying

"My wife's quality of life has been vastly improved, since being motivated to reengagement in her interests"

Registered with The Royal College of Occupational Therapists

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists work to ensure their profession's rightful place in health and social care delivery and encourage it's members to play an active role as ambassadors for the profession.

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